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“I’ll be there for you (‘cause you’re there for me too)”. How lovely. Who could object? But, isn’t that sit-com’s idea of friendship actually “stuck in second gear”?


Loneliness affects our emotional and physical health. And it’s not just a problem amongst the elderly. Many younger people now end…

Our Idea

Here's what our tracts are all about
Easily get a short message to lots and lots of local people

A few years ago we at Highbury Baptist Church experimented with some colourful postcards with simple, punchy messages. We went out in teams and distributed them en masse in our area. We then received a fair number of clicks to our website and a few visitors to our services. But, best of all, one local couple got in touch and, after six months of Bible studies, the Lord saved them both and they are now baptised members.

That's the background which led us to develop our tracts. We wanted to prioritise contacting local people who we hoped, after conversion, would be baptised and join us in membership. But where could we be sure to easily get a short message to lots and lots of local people? Through their letterboxes!

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  • Punchy

    Clear and direct words

  • Attractive

    Effective visual design

  • Localised

    Easy to adjust for your church

  • Cheap

    Low cost of production


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